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IUGF Spring happening 2010

4.5.2010 Pöyry OYJ, Vantaa

Intergraph Process, Power and Marine (PP&M) 2009 Finland

Rantasipi Sveitsi, Hyvinkää 12.-13.11.2009

IUGF Spring happening and annual meeting 2006

6.6.2006, SITO, Espoo

IUGF Spring happening and annual meeting 2004

25.5.2004, Helsingin Energia, Helsinki

Luosto P2C2 TUF 2004

Traditional Luosto TUF meeting in Lappland 21.-24.1.2004

P2C2 Visualization TUF 2003

P2C2 TUF meeting in Espoo 29.9.2003. Theme of this happening was visualization of 3D -plant modelsi.

P2C2 -meeting in Tampere

Process & Power Client Community meeting was held in Tampere 29.9.2003. HITEC 2003 expo in Tampere Pirkkahalli.

International Process & Power 2003

International Process & Power 2003 in Las Vegas, USA, 24.-26. 2003 reported by Tapio Laakso in .pdf format (2,4MB)

IUGF Spring happening and annual meeting 2003

27.5.2003, Finnish Maritime Administration, Helsinki

P2C2 TUF meeting in Luosto 2003

22.-26.1.2003, Kemira cottage, Luosto, Lappland

IUGF ry 20v anniversary meeting

Tallinn 14.-15. november 2002

EuroSIG 2002

Naples, September 28-29

P2C2 meeting at Fortum 2002

5.9.2002, P2C2 meeting at Fortum, Kilpilahti

GIS Autumn happening 2001

15.11.200, IUGF ry. GIS-happening 2001 at Espoo Dipoli

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